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Welcome to Tapestry Wickliffe…

…where the fabric of a community is being woven, thread by thoughtfully chosen thread. The picture we weave is never quite finished. It’s constantly growing and changing with each new resident who moves in, each caregiver who decides to wear our logo, and every family that we touch.

No Two Threads are Identical

At Tapestry, we realize that you’re an individual with a unique story. We aim to provide personalized care to your requests, wants, and needs. The emphasis here is on choice, flexibility, and personalization. We shape activities to meet your needs and interests. Our care team respects you as an individual. Above all, we are here to support you along your own personal journey.

It’s Always Sunny at Tapestry Wickliffe!

Tapestry Wickliffe boasts a unique indoor park located at the heart of our community. Even when the winter winds are blowing outside, you can enjoy a comfortable stroll along tree-lined lanes connecting our various neighborhoods. Join your neighbors to watch the ball game in the lounge, enjoy a movie at the Bob Hope Theatre, or stop off at the Prima Café for a scoop of gelato and a cup of coffee.

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