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Interweaving Tradition, Service, Innovation, and Technology

While we honor the past at Tapestry, we also look to the future. We work hard to seamlessly weave innovation and technology into our programs and better care for our residents. The benefits for seniors and their families are clear… convenience, safety, and improved health outcomes.

Here is how Tapestry uses technology to enhance the care of our residents:

Safety Alert Monitoring System

Our state-of-the-art, wearable pendant call system offers peace of mind in the knowledge that help is just a button push away.

Customizable Sensor Options

Customizable motion-based, incontinence detection and pressure sensor units will alert Tapestry caregivers so that they can respond timely and appropriately.

Staff Rounds Verification System

Validates and reports staff rounds/wellness checks electronically without the need for checklists, which can be forgotten or forged.

Eldermark Software

This software is the backbone of our clinical IT system. All information flows through Eldermark; giving our caregivers the information they need to support Tapestry residents. The software serves as additional verification that we are following the established care plan.

HIPPA Compliant Health Information Exchange

The exchange gives us the ability to safely share relevant clinical findings with your physician and other practitioners. All data is protected via secure server and other security features.

Wellness/Fitness Monitoring System

Each resident is offered a complementary Fitbit as part of our health and wellness program. This product offers amazing technology in its tiny wristwatch shaped package. Stay on the move and active by easily tracking exercise activity; steps and distance walked, heart rate, and much more.

Telehealth Monitoring System

Imagine visiting the doctor’s office from the comfort of your private apartment. Tapestry is one of the few senior living communities around the country to offer residents a remote health monitoring system. This little “robot” provides a real time link between the resident and physician, allowing better communication and improved health care outcomes.