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Welcome to Tapestry Senior Living, Tallahassee’s newest Assisted Living and Memory Care. We are excited to offer Tallahassee seniors and their families the opportunity to learn what makes Tapestry special. We know your situation is unique and we promise to call upon our decades of senior care experience to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today at (850) 536-8600.

Tapestry Walden opening 2018!

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What is a Tapestry?

A Tapestry is a picture, made up of individual threads, all woven together with purpose and skill. A skilled artist can tell an entire story by weaving those threads together.

That is what we are and continually strive to be. Our threads are people; nurses, caregivers, doctors, therapists, community leaders, families in need, and most importantly… seniors.

The picture we weave is never finished. It’s constantly growing and changing. Each new resident who moves in, each new caregiver who decides to wear our logo, and every family that we touch makes our tapestry richer and more beautiful.

We hope you choose to become a part of our Tapestry.